Hudson                                  Hudson's Pedigree                                 
GCH Prism’s Night Moves RN WC VC OS
Hudson at Gray, TN at 9 months
Hudson at 7 months showing his gorgeous movement with his girl, Maxie
With Judge Mr. JE Noe at Atlanta 6 months and 3 days old- BOW when WB was BOS over specials
Winning Bred-By Group One in Chattanooga
In Knoxville winning BOS at 15 months
In Knoxville winning BOS the next day under Mrs. CA Beattie
Hudson winning his 6-9 class at the GRCA Eastern Regional
Hudson - WD at Clemson Kennel Club
Clemson Kennel Club Winners Dog photo - Judge Dr. Richard Hilderman
Greater Hickory Kennel Club BOW  - under Judith Goodin

Hudson and Maxie, 15 months old, Knoxville, TN

Hudson was shown by his then young breeder/owner, Maxie, to every point and about half of them came from BBE. He was BOS over specials several times as a class dog. The ride with Hudson was an amazing one- he grew from a promising puppy to the best dog on earth and thrilled us in so many ways. His absence will forever feel like the worst possible cheat of what should have been many years of joy. We will always be very proud of him.

Thank you to all the judges who saw Hudson’s correct conformation and thank you also to all the breeders who used him and the owners who are going out and showing off and titling his get!

Hudson finished his Grand Championship quickly, he went out for a month and came back a GCH. We then earned his RN, and with that he had earned the Versatility Certificate. He adored swimming and water work, and he was always up for a bird or a bumper. There will never be a dog more handsome entering the water, flying through the air. He was inducted into the 2012 Eukanuba National Championship Honor Roll.

Video courtesy of Jennifer Workman.
Remembering the glorious life of golden retriever, Hudson - GCH CH Prism's Night Moves RN WC VC - bred, owned, loved and cherished by Robin, Maxie and Nash Bowen.
Maxie and Hudson study International Affairs
Maxie and Hudson study International Affairs
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Hudson had a lovely headpiece and complete dentition. He had jet black, never fading, pigment since the day he was born. His front assembly was beautiful, and his rear angles and proportions matched the front. He was very balanced and moved beautifully, and was  a wonderful dog to live with. He carried an abundant correct coat, and as a stud dog he is still producing lovely puppies who are following in his footsteps and pointing at a young age.

Hudson’s temperament was stellar- he got along with everyone and knew no strangers. He was  mannerly and calm. He was a wonderful companion who loved to travel . He was  a trustworthy dog, and we loved- will always love-  him very much.

Hudson will remain a part of our breeding program thanks to his frozen semen. We lost this most precious boy on August 22, 2015, to a choroid plexus papilloma on his brain stem and a massive hemorrhage of his cerebellum during the surgery to attempt to remove it. Thankfully, during the diagnostic phase and also via the necropsy it was confirmed he had no cancer anywhere, and his condition is not believed to be genetic. It was just a ‘one off’ thing that was devastating to us all. He will be forever missed… you, my wonderful, wonderful boy.