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Pet puppies are sold on spay/neuter contracts and all puppies are fully vetted and microchipped.

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Our litters

We are planning one litter this year (2020) that promises to make us some lovely & talented puppies. If that timetable suits you, please inquire. We usually have a list of folks waiting for our versatile and beautiful puppies, and getting on a list early- whether ours or another breeder's- allows you and the breeder to get to know each other, feel comfortable with your choice of what will be a lifelong relationship, and to be alerted each step of the way to the choices being made and knowledge of what goes into the making of a wonderful Golden Retriever. It is far more common to be on a waiting list for a well bred Golden puppy than it is to just happen upon one, and most GRCA members would be happy to make referrals, educate, and help prospective puppy people to find just the right litter for their lifestyle. 

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