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Sweet is our Bikini daughter -smart, smart, smart and learns so easily- when she was a little puppy, she would retrieve anything and everything, but when she got to pick up a real bird it was obvious this was what she was born for. She completed her JH title 4 for 4, and at just over a year old. She earned her SH by the time she was two years old, as well as her CCA .  Obedience is our next venue to start work in! She came from our “sweet” litter, all the puppies registered names included the word ‘sweet’- I was thinking Sweet As Tupelo Honey, or Sweet As Sugar, or Sweet As Fry … and then found that in New Zealand, ‘sweet as’ means ‘AWESOME!’ and that became her name. And yes- Sweet is totally awesome and an easy dog to spend time with. 

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